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Sri Lanka Reviews

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Faeema Kakuji

“An experience of a lifetime!”

Madeline Stone

“Eye opening!”

Ese Akpobi

“Grew my confidence in signing”

Kathryn Anstiss

“Thank you for the most memorable and remarkable experience!”

Fatima Taniya

“As a student audiologist, I have learnt the importance of sign language.”

Emilie Sands

“Unbelievable. Eye opening. Amazing.”

Katie Rudd

“I have gained my independence.”

Anna MacKenzie

“A super volunteering trip with a great balance of sightseeing all condensed into 2 weeks.”

Sophie Bryan

“Beyond amazing.”

Pippa Robinson

“Rewarding, Enlightening, Interesting, Enjoyable.”

Alexia Lumley

“I liked the fact they can use BSL to communicate with me easily.”

Natasha Lumley

“Being deaf, I felt a connection to the deaf school in Sri Lanka.”

Amy Bastianelli

“I want to go out there again and help other people.”

Blanche Coy

“I met some amazing people who I consider friends for life.”

Bianka Punja

“Every day was both fun and memorable.”

David Hutchison

“It was a great opportunity to experience a different culture and to learn more about other Deaf communities and their sign languages.”

Andy Hesselwood

“Communication with the local Deaf group clicked and we could all just chat.”

Sandra O’Loughlin

“I liked the opportunity to work alongside Deaf and hearing people.”

Kimberley Bruce

“Watch Kim sign the alphabet from A to Z in BSL in 3.4 seconds! Can you do it any faster? Read her feedback about the trip too.”

Saira Shabbir

“Watch Saira talk about sea turtles, helping at a deaf school and why she joined VoluntEars.”

Stephanie Denison

“I was able to learn about the local culture and customs by joining in with the locals and learning about their lives.I found the whole trip really rewarding.”

Jodie Winter

“Learnt a lot about the culture and the way of their life.”

Laura Robinson

“Watch Laura describe a typical day on her trip to Sri Lanka in July 2016.”

Ashley Hill

“Funniest experience? “Being pooed on by a fruit bat!”

Katherine O’Grady

“An enriching and fulfilling experience with an opportunity to embrace Sri Lanka’s way of life and culture.”

Charlie Hadley

“I really enjoyed finding out info from the market, farm and tea factory, things we see everyday but I didn’t realise where it came from. Learnt about different religions and ways of life. How to eat with my hands without…”

Clair Murray

“There was an equal balance of work, group activities and sightseeing”

Keegan Hall

“Renewed and reinvigorated my self confidence and excited me about teaching all over again”

Karolina Pakenaite

“It was very reassuring to reconnect with the D/deaf community”

Stephan Pretorius

“I really enjoyed designing and painting the wall mural in one of the classrooms. It was a fantastic experience. I hope it makes the learning environment more exciting for the children in the school.”

Tom Gerrard

“You can really identify with the deaf people there”

Vidhu Patel

“I am more confident, learnt new things and had fun.”

Esther Haines

“It was a really interesting experience with Deaf people from the school.”

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