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Minara Begum

“Visiting the school really had a huge impact on me, and it was quite an emotional experience meeting all of the children, who have so little, but are happy at school.”

Leah Farah

“Amazing, once in a lifetime, heart-warming.”

Kathryn McCarthy

“Thank you to VoluntEars for giving me this amazing opportunity and a lifetime of memories. It was fully inclusive and accessible by all.”

James Robertson

“Once in a lifetime, fascinating, hilarious, new, rewarding, special.”

Hiral Shah

“Amazing experiences. Loved it.”

Debbie Slayford

“Well prepared.”

Tracy Davis

“Would like to stay there bit longer.”

Phil and Shirley Doyle

“An amazing way to experience the culture and to be able to do something for people that need it.”

Ellie Parfitt

“Trip of a lifetime! Amazing experience.”

Sheila Ladu


Dylan Rixon


Janet Payne

“Awesome Nepal trip”

Donna & Noah Tuffs

“Fabulous! Interesting and extremely enjoyable.”

Delyth Griffiths

“Amazing very good memories. I will never forget it.”

Sally Huggins

“Exciting, different, challenging, thrilling”

Samuel Ash

“This trip motivated me to visit more Deaf schools around the world and be involved.”

Sandra O’Loughlin

“Fascinating, tiring, amazing, emotional.”

Joseph Wilson


Katie Rudd

“I learnt the culture and confidence of myself.”

Libby Steele

“I have learnt so many valuable skills and life experiences over the course of the trip which I will carry with me forever.”

Athena Stamper

“It’s a volunteering organisation specifically designed for deaf people. This creates a wonderful bond within the group of volunteers.”

Alanna Kilroy

“Amazing, adventurous, and inspiring.”

Ben Barlow

“It was well organised and BSL interpreter was there for 24/7.”

Karolina Pakenaite

“I really like how everything is organised through the locals. It exposes us to the culture deeply.”

Jerry Kapsner

“New and challenging.”

David Hutchinson

“Sense of reward to the school, volunteers and myself.”

Nick Papas

“Amazing, illuminating, humbling experience, enjoyable.”

Vidhu Patel

“Most amazing experience ever I had!”

Dave Davies

“Took the pressure off school staff in organising an ambitious three week visit. The experience and local knowledge was essential.”

Sophie Cuerden

“Made everyone’s trip end with a big smile.”

Callum McGowan


Rebecca Papadovassilakis

“I liked having the same VoluntEars organiser with us all the time.”

Rej Muharemi

Oliver Goodman

“Learnt ASL from from the Nepalese people at school.”

Georgie Paul

“I learnt a lot about the Nepalese culture.”

Frank Allen

“Lots of activities included.”

Beth Kelly

“Made me feel more passion to visit more Deaf schools and to help make them better.”

Fayed Ahmed


Freddie Barrett

“I felt more appreciated.”

George Dowsett

“Learnt to be more grateful with what we have.”

Grace Nash

“…being able to see the raw side of life right before my eyes instead of on TV.”

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